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#SGFASHIONNOW Exhibition South Korea

SGFASHIONNOW Exhibition South Korea, Busan and Seoul is a big deal for 27 Singaporean designers whose clothes are getting a lot of attention. Well-known designers like Andrew Gn, Kavita Thulasidas, Ashley Isham, Jon Max Goh, and Thomas Wee are on the list. The Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Seoul says these events will be fun ways for people to learn about Singapore’s long and varied past and culture.

SGFASHIONNOW Exhibition South Korea: Different Ways of Life

The Asia-Pacific Fashion Now event was put on three times by the Korea Foundation and the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore. The show is a lively celebration of Singapore’s mixed-race history and global outlook. In the world of design, it adds color and mix.

#SGFASHIONNOW Exhibition South Korea

SGFASHIONNOW Exhibition South Korea: A thanks from the minister

In his speech about how important the event was, Eric Teo, the representative of Singapore to South Korea, praised South Korea’s well-deserved image as a fashion powerhouse. He said, “Having this exhibition go to Korea shows how close the cultural and personal ties are between Singapore and Korea.” A cool thing Teo said was, “Singaporean fashion is having a great time right now.” Some of the things in this show make by people who have also made stage clothes for K-pop groups.

Putting out the three-part demo

Craftsmanship: This area is all about beautiful clothing, with pieces by famous designers like Gn and Isham that will always be in style.

When Studio HHFZ adds modern prints to traditional Chinese cheongsam in the second part, they do it in a very smart way. When OliveAnkara looks for eco-friendly fashion, they also use the African Ankara wax print method.

The third part of the show is called “Urbanite.” It’s all about fashion that is helpful. There are some really cool people here who make clothes for K-pop groups like Blackpink and G-Dragon.

SGFASHIONNOW Exhibition South Korea: Making ties stronger

Teo stated, “There is a lot Singapore and Korea can do together, including improving our people-to-people and cultural ties, such as through this exhibition.” The #SGFASHIONNOW show has more time left. What I feel fits with the show’s main idea, which is to use culture to bring people from two different places together.

Preparing for a big event

With 50 years of official ties between Singapore and South Korea coming up in 2025, the show is even more important. Before the parties, there’s something that will help people get to know each other better in the future.

Find out more about the show

The KF Asean Culture House in Busan will host this stylish show until October 29. Folks who like style and dress will enjoy it. After that, the show will go to Seoul and run there from November 21, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

The Last Flower

Singaporean designers who mix old and new styles with a touch of city style are very creative. As shown in the #SGFASHIONNOW show. Plus, it gets people from all over the world together. It makes people want to enjoy how well Singapore’s fashion scene fits together. It’s creating a beauty that can seen and felt in faraway places.

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