Zebra in the Castle, part 1

This summer isn´t just about holidays for me. It´s also hard work. I have to travel, see castles, museums, towns, lakes or churches, take some photos and write about them later. You see, being a journalist isn´t always easy 🙂 And since I have a lot of places to see this summer, I try to make it a bit more fun, because I don´t enjoy it so much when I travel alone. So I decided to take my friends anytime they can join me and make a little trip out of it. Last week I saw 3 castles, two towns, one monastery, a few mansions and a lot of villages in between 🙂 I find there are plenty of wonderful places around us, you just need to find a little time, pack some snacks and a couple of friends and go. This castle called Brekov stands on a hill overlooking a big Zemplin area. You can see it from afar. Its history goes back to 13th and 14th century, and although it remained in ruins after many centuries that it served as a guarding castle, it is still a beautiful place to spend a day at. There is a big meadow beneath the castle where you can have a picnic or a bbq and a lot of places for secret dates 😉 If you ever happen to be in Eastern Slovakia, check it out – just put „Brekov“ in google maps and you´ll easily find it.









I was wearing:
shorts – H&M
t-shirt – H&M
necklace – ?
shoes – Primark
glasses – Dolce & Gabbana