Yellow Zebra

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I last wrote to you and I’m really sorry it took me so long. Here’s what happened:

As I have mentioned before, I’ve moved into a new flat with my boyfriend, so we’ve been a little busy with that, as well as work. Last week we decided to go home to Trebisov, partly to work (me) and partly to have some fun with our friends (both). Out good friends finally decided to get married (yay!) and we planned a bachelor and bachelorette parties for them. Guys went out to a cabin by a lake and we girls stayed in Kosice to enjoy a great weekend in the city. And it was really great. We went out, danced our heads off, got pissed at the DJ because he didn’t want to play our song and went home in the early morning. And we spent the next day in a hospital. Our bride-to-be has somehow managed to twist her knee and ended up at the doctor, who had to give her a blue leg brace. She wasn’t able to walk after that, so we had to give up our plans of a Latino party in the evening and spent the night at home watching wedding movies instead (Runaway Bride, Bride Wars, Mamma Mia…). Our photos reminded me of an end sequence of the Hangover :DD Thank God nobody really broke anything or got a massive tattoo… And that her bachelorette party was planned 3 weeks before her wedding 😀

At the end of the party girls weekend I somehow ended up with a flu, so I spend a good part of this week in bed at my parents‘. On Thursday we finally got back to Bratislava, only to enjoy a „beautiful“ autumn rainy weekend here. Never mind though, I came prepared. I have my cute red (riding hood) F&F raincoat and I’m totally in love with it now. The only thing I miss now are the perfect wellies (like these  or these, for example).

Today I’m sharing one of the last summer outfits of this year with you. It’s really hard to believe it was 30 degrees outside only last week. Let’s go back to those days at least through these happy sunny pictures from beautiful Trnava 🙂

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I was wearing:

dress – F&F

sandals – Tally Weijl

necklace – gift

clutch – Bershka