Xmas Holiday

When I’m at home for Christmas, there are many things I love to do. I’m very sorry that I’m not posting here on the blog so often, but although I love it too, I love my boyfriend and family even more. So here are my favourite activities during the holidays at home:

– Eating Vanilla Rolls (baked by me – the only Christmas sweets that I bake, actually, and only one of the two kinds that are baked in our home at all 😀 They’re amazing, btw! No need to be humble about this :P)

– Watching Xmas Movies (my favourites: Home Alone – 1 and 2, The Holiday, Love Actually, some of our traditional Slovak fairytales, Grinch, anything watchable and fun with Santa Clause)

– Drinking litres of nice hot apple-and-cinamon tea (ok, and some mulled wine, too)

– Wearing cute Christmassy clothes (my favorite this year – the penguin sweater you see on the photos)

– Decorating the house (which I managed before Christmas Eve, but still…)

– Lighting candles and trying not to put the house on fire

– Spending as much time as possible with my parents, sister, nephew, grandma, uncle, aunt etc.

– Spending as much time as possible with my love

– Waiting for snow (so far unsuccessfully)

– Going out with old friends

– Enjoying the peace and lights everywhere

Ok, so that’s about it. Now you know what I’m up to these days 🙂 Btw, as you might or might not know, we celebrate Christmas mainly on Christmas Eve (24th) in Slovakia. Our Christmas Eve was beautiful, although snowless, full of lovely moments with family and my darling. We enjoyed watching our youngest member of the family opening his presents (he’s only 2, so it’s always fun) and built towers from colorful lego pieces (his favourite being pink, haha). I got some wonderful presents as well, but I’ll tell you about that later… Enjoy the rest of the Holiday, friends!

I was wearing:
sweater – F&F
skirt – Bershka
shirt – Benneton
necklace – Bijoux Brigitte
earrings – Six
bag – I am
headband – Orsay
boots – Primark
tights – Primark