Wine country

Not everything is about fashion, even on the fashion blog.:) Sometimes it´s also about wine. And family. And fun. And good people. And there is plenty of good people where I come from, friends. In the very eastern part of Slovakia, by the border with Hungary, there is a small village called Malá Tŕňa. My mum was born there and it is my second home. If there was nothing to see except for houses, barns and animals, I wouldn´t be telling you about it. But this region of Slovakia is special. It is a home of one of the most unique wines in the world, tokaj wine. Together with their Hungarian collegues, Slovak wine makers make delicious golden drink, which was drank not only by thirsty Slovaks last Saturday, but also by a French king Louis XIV centuries ago. In Malá Tŕňa and other villages there are small wine cellars that are open to all visitors once a year during a festival devoted to Tokaj wine (otherwise you can visit them on request anytime). I am taking you into the beautiful, romantic and very old wine cellars that belong to my family and the Macik family (you can find all about them here).

My gradma and her audience (she´s telling them about the wine:) )

My beautiful sister and nephew 🙂

I was wearing:
dress – New Yorker
shoes – F&F
necklace – House