Wild flowers

My favourite part of the year starts at the moment when the first trees start to bloom in spring. It continues with the first tulips, peonies, roses and daisies. And when the red poppies and lavender pop up in the fields by the roads, my summer happiness is complete. I love looking out of the car window and take in the wonderful sight of the red fields. I always want to get out and take million picures, because I know it´s going to be gone soon. However, taking photos in the field is not as easy as I had imagined before I tried it for the first time.
I could barely stand on the soft ground, I think it isn´t hard to notice 🙂 But the flowers were so beautiful that I had to capture the feeling.
I´ve always loved tutu skirts and I´ve wanted to have a long one forever. Finally I ordered one from the internet and although it´s not as big as I´d like it to be, I´m in love with it 🙂 I feel like a fairy when I wear it 🙂

I was wearing:
skirt – ebay
top – Orsay
shoes – Tally Weil