We Wore It Best

A while ago you saw me wear an outfit with a bright yellow DHL t-shirt that got famous thanks to French luxury brand Vetements. And then I thought – why not turn it into a party? So we got together with three other wonderful, bright and witty bloggers – Linda, Ivana and Lenka and got a tour of DHL depo in Bratislava 🙂 And let me tell you, it was fun! We played stylish couriers, helped the real ones with their packages a little and took some amazing yellow photos on the way.

There is so much serious and worrying stuff happening in the world right now, and as a journalist I care about everything maybe too much, because it’s my job. So when I get a chance to just let go and have some fun with fashion for a change, I’m always happy to take it. And it’s always so nice to meet with friends who have fun with fashion, too. Especially if we have the cutest little puppy Jimmy with us to play all day. And he was game! Just see.

It was really interesting to see what the girls would wear to the shoot, since we all had to work with the same yellow and red DHL t-shirt. In the end, each of us chose a completely different style and colours, so it worked out great! I loved Ivanka’s tough sexy outfit, Linda’s elegance in the big red skirt and heels and Lenka’s playful denim and green pumps. Together we looked like the most stylish DHL team ever, or a packet of candy for that matter. Whatever it was, I liked it!










I was wearing:

skirt – Closet via ZOOT

top – DHL

shoes – www.topankovo.sk

necklace – Tally Weijl