Waiting for Spring

How are you spending the last cold days of winter before the real Spring comes? If you´re in the part of world that enjoys the sun and warm weather, I am possitively jealous 🙂 I can´t wait for a warmer weather, less layers, nicer shoes, shorter skirts, thinner jackets and sunglasses (I don´t know why I never think about wearing sunglasses in winter).
About my outfit… I finally found time to take some photos for you:) You already know my polka dot skirt and you know about my love of polka dots. Here is the story behind the blouse. I got it as a present from my mum last year. She knows how I love the polka dots, too. She found it in ZARA and thought of me. I love when that happens 🙂 Personally, I think the blouse waited for me in the store. And when I didn´t come, it found my mum 🙂 The best things always find a way to get to you when they´re ment to…
The cardigan I´m wearing is actually neon yellow, but looks a warmer shade of yellow in the photos. I found it in the sales in Bratislava. It is the perfect shape, color and it´s nicely warm, too.
I´ll bring you some more outfit posts this week and all the interesting fashion news as well 😉
Have a lovely Sunday!

I was wearing:
skirt – Bershka
blouse – ZARA
cardigan – Tally Weil
necklace – H&M
earrings – Primark
shoes – Mixer