Village Life

Life in a village is so strange. In some things it’s the same as life anywhere – Bratislava, Prague or New York City, but in others it’s a completely different world. Time flows slower in the village somehow. People have their troubles and live their lives as anyone else, but even these troubles seem to be different than the troubles of people from the city. There are characteristics of city and village life that even children in elementary schools learn. But what I learned throughout my life so far, in all my 25 years, is that people in the village CARE about everything and everyone much more. My grandma and my godparents‘ family live in a small village in Eastern Slovakia and I’ve spent a big part of life there. It’s one of my favorite places in the world and I still consider it my second home even though I’ve never actually lived there. But every time I visit, I hear a learn a little more about their lives.

In some instances, the caring is not that great – like when every person in the village knows about your new boyfriend or looks at you weirdly when you’re wearing more than 2 colours. Other times it’s funny. I can’t help but be amused when my grandma or her neighbours care so much about every single thing happening in the village. Who went where, who did what, what „people“ would think. It used to make me angry, now I’m just amused and somehow…don’t really care.
However, my hometown is practically a big village itself, so I got quite a lot of weird stares when I was wearing this skirt. The shopkeeper in my grandma’s village probably even told her family about my extravagant looks when she came home from work, but people in my town weren’t far behind. Fortunatelly, I think these looks were more positively shocked then otherwise 🙂 A guy in another shop even told me he loved my skirt, which really doesn’t happen here a lot (especially if your skirt goes way under your knees).

So, here it is. A beautiful piece from Chicwish that found its way into my wardrobe and I hope it’ll be with me for a looong time. I’ve always dreamed of a big tutu skirt like this, but the good ones were mostly too expensive, so it took some time for me to find the more affordable and cute one. What do you think?

I was wearing:
skirt – Chicwish
jacket – Primark
top – ZARA
shoes – CCC
necklace – Tally Weijl
hat – H&M