Too Cool for School

Ok, so baseball caps, spikes and sneakers aren´t usually my thing, but that doesn´t stop me from thinking they look very cool, especially when they´re paired with something that is not sporty at all – dresses, skirts, heels, bright lipstick etc. I´ve been looking for a not-too-badass baseball cap for some time, because my head isn´t really friendly with this accessory. But finally I found one! And as if to say: „You know where you want to wear me“, I found it in Terranova on my way to school. So I just put it on and it fit perfectly. From now on, it is one of my favourite accessories to wear with skirts and girly things, just to prove I can be cool if I want 😀 Because usually, I´m not the cool girl, I´m the girly and nice type, but not usually the cool one:) From time to time though, everybody wants to be cool for a while.

PS: Please don´t be harsh on me, I´m new to this „cool kid“ style 🙂

I was wearing:
skirt – H&M
top – Primark
baseball hat – Terranova
boots – Primark
bracelets – Primark, Six