Time Traveller

This past week has been one of the most intense of my life. I haven’t had much time to update you every day, so I decided to tell you what has been going on in my past seven days directly.

It all started on Monday, when I had to finish several articles and pick up a new cute car for my trip with Kavickari.sk. I’ve never really tested a car before as a journalist, although I’ve always wanted to and tried to learn the ropes from Top Gear (one of my other secret pleasures). Picking up the car took longer than expected, so Peter and I went to check out some furniture (more on that later) and play some games in a Decathlon store. We tried some bikes, I tried a scooter and we had a little time to play table tennis and bedminton in the meantime 😀 Yes, we’re both big kids. When I picked up the cute little Hyundai i10, we drove home, ate a quick dinner and went to the cinema to see the newest Mission Impossible (Tom Cruise still rocks), because the weather was just terrible.

On Tuesday morning I got in my new car, picked up the photographer and started our two-day roadtrip around Slovakia by driving to Kosice through Hungary. Surprised by how fun and quick our little car can be, we drove to the other side of the country pretty fast, parked in the city centre and went to check out a new restaurant in downtown. Best job in the world, I know 🙂 After our visit we drove to the north to spend the night in a spa town of Vysne Ruzbachy. I called this part of the trip „travelling back in time“, because I felt like I went back a few decades 😀 The good part was that the very „retro“ hotels and restaurants were set in a picturesque nature and there was so much to see that I forgot about the „retro“ designs and architecture for a little while. If you ever want to travel back in time to see what it looked like in Slovakia/Czechoslovakia back in socialism times, I definitely recommend a visit here 😀 Vysne Ruzbachy, however, are full of hidden treasures that are worth seeing in any season. The area is known for its travertine rocks and some of the prettiest buildings in the resort are built from the white rocks. You can also find a beautiful natural travertine lake, overlooking the green hills and serving as a clear, natural swimming pool with thermal water.

After our stay in Ruzbachy we went on to visit the newest, and probably the coolest restaurant in Zilina, Korzo. It’s one of the most stylish and cosy places I’ve seen and when you find yourself in Zilina, it’s definitely worth a visit. I’ve never been to Zilina properly before, so I was dazzled by the historical centre. It was absolutely charming, sweet and colorful, full of narrow cobbled streets and wide squares with benches and pastel coloured town houses. Just beautiful. Thankfully, the rain started after we left the city, so I could take full advantage of the beautiful architecture.

After I came back from my trip, there were two major events waiting for me in Bratislava. Firstly, we started moving to our new apartment (yay!). It’s more modern than the old one, much more lilac (thanks to the wallpapers left there by previous owners) and finally more ours. There are some things that need to be done, but I’m really looking forward to making the place really ours. Between moving and organising our things I managed to do the other big thing (for me). I wrote my first own story for The New York Times! It might not sound so great for many people, but it’s a been a huge dream of mine and I felt soo happy and proud to see my name in a NYT byline 🙂 I always love to see my name there, even at the back of the story, but being the one to actually write it is another first for me.

After all these exciting new things happened, we had to head back home to the east to see our parents for a few days, so here I am now, in my old bed, writing to you before I go to eat a Sunday lunch. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! xoxo

Taký bežný macík na Kováčskej ulici v Košiciach. A random teddy bear on Kovacska St. in Kosice.
Skvelá limonáda v novom košickom Primi. A great fresh lemonade in a new Primi in Kosice.
Ja a moje dočasné malé autíčko 🙂 Me and my temporary new car 🙂




IMG_1152 (1) IMG_1159 (1)

IMG_1163 (1)

IMG_1247 (1)

IMG_1139 (1)

IMG_1142 (1)

IMG_1143 (1)

IMG_1145 (1)

IMG_1134 (1)

Retro hotel vo Vyšných Ružbachoch 🙂




IMG_1189 (1)
Šach na terase reštaurácie Korzo v Žiline. Chess at a Korzo restaurant terrasse in Zilina.

IMG_1190 (1)

IMG_1180 (1)

IMG_1182 (1)
Milujem originálne retro podlahy! I love the original retro floors!
IMG_1183 (1)
Unikátny zrepasovaný nábytok z medzivojnového obdobia. Unique reconstructed furniture from the 1920’s.
IMG_1170 (1)
Travertínové jazierko vo Vyšných Ružbachoch. Liečivá termálna voda má teplotu asi 24 stupňov a pomáha pri množstve chorôb a ťažkostí. Travertine lake in Vysne Ruzbachy.


IMG_1174 (1)

IMG_1178 (1)

IMG_1179 (1)
Vo vnútri reštaurácie Korzo. Inside Korzo restaurant.
And a bonus 🙂 I’m only sorry it had to happen with such a terrible accident 🙁