I’m starting to see the point Katy Perry tried to make in Roar. Girl or no girl, it’s not always easy being the tiger and finding all that strength to fight for what you want and what you believe. Especially when you’re a new girl in town pursuing your dreams, when there are literally millions others just like you fighting for theirs. Well, nobody said beginnings are easy.

Life is funny sometimes. Just when you begin to think you have it all figured out and you have started something good, something else gets in the way and you have to start all over again. I chose the harder way of following my dreams, which means I left all the security and warm feelings of home behind and came to London to find out just how difficult it would be to find a dream job and a home over here. Right now, all of those things seem far far away. Except for me enjoying the best city in the world. Even though I believe everything will work out and be great in the end, just to be on the safe side I try to enjoy every minute of staying in London. I take in the beauty of the great old buildings, imagine myself locking the door on one of those white-washed houses at Kensington and going to Hanover Square to work for Vogue, I’m trying to save all the picturesque sights from the city into my memory and enjoy all the sounds (especially the brilliant musicians at the tube stations – where are they coming from??), smells (mainly good ones, of course) and feelings that this place provides for me.

Every day I have a strange battle of feelings inside me. On the one side I feel absolutely at home and at peace in the streets of London, on the other I am still a stranger. But that’s probably how most of Londoners feel, taking into consideration that (officially) close to 1/3 of people living in London were born outside of UK. And you can see it everywhere. I love the diversity of London. There are not many places in the world as culturally or ethnically diverse as London, which makes it exciting every day. Just yesterday I saw a group of schoolchildren, maybe 5 or 6 years old going on a „trip“. You could see the whole world holding hands in that group. It was beautiful, like a walking, breathing, living advertisement for the human rights group, teaching us a thing or two about acceptance, tolerance and love towards other people. This kind of thing just wouldn’t happen in Slovakia…

Oh and a few words to my outfit for those of you who are becoming tired of my flat shoes 🙂 Running around the city chasing your dream isn’t easy, guys, so this time no heels for me and often there’s a little time for make-up as well. I know I’m no Chiara, but I’m fine and happy and you should be too!

I was wearing:
skirt – H&M
top – Bershka
trainers – Primark
jacket – Portobello Road market
bag & tights & headband – Primark