The worst Christmas gifts ever /Čo si NAOZAJ nechceme nájsť pod stromčekom

Christmas isn´t all about the presents. There are far more beautiful and important moments and people to think of in this time of year. However, as it happens, our loved ones usually give us something for Christmas anyway 🙂 And we all love it. Unless…
… it is something we didn´t really want nor we would ever think of wanting it 🙂 Have you ever gotten something you didn´t like? It may have been good-intended gift which went wrong or simply something ugly. When we see these things, we ask ouselves :“What am I supposed to do with this?“ or „Was that supposed to be nice?“ but we usually don´t say anything, afraid of hurting someone´s feelings. So let me try and present some things that hurt our eyes and our feelings when we spot them under the Christmas tree. I underline that this is very subjective and from a women´s point of view 🙂 Men have all their own world of useless gifts. What was the worst present you have ever gotten? 🙂

When you get a book telling you how to loose weight or start excersise, you take it as a hint, right? Not very subtle 🙂

This is really a lipstick sculpture 🙂

A banana vase 🙂

Merry Christmas my darlings! 🙂