The secret of a happy life

Happiness is very simple. If only more people woudn´t complicate their lifes with unneccesary gossips, lies and arguments, life would be very nice indeed, don´t you think? In the end it all comes to a very simple rule. Love people around you. Love is the key to everything, although sometimes it is really hard to remember that. Especially when someone drives into your way and nearly makes you crash your new car or when someone is really mean without any obvious reason and you have to be nice to them. Anyway, love always pays up in the end 🙂 It is the core of every religion and most of the philosophies, so there has to be something about it, don´t you think? I´m sentimental in this time of year, sorry about that :))

I was wearing:
blouse – Primark
skirt – H&M
tights – Primark
shoes – my sister´s 
necklace – Stradivarius
earrings – Primark