The Lighthouse

Lighthouses send out light signals for ships to get home safely. They represent a sort of a safe place for fishermen and ship crews that are coming home from the sea. Everybody should have a lighthouse in their life, even if is only a symbolic one like the lighthouse on Neusiedler See in Austria.
My safe place is anywhere where my family and friends are. Some people get attached to houses, but my lighthouse are „my people“, my dearest ones. When I’m far away, it’s always nice to feel that you have somebody to come home to, somebody who’s waiting for you. And I’m happy whenever I get to spend time with my friends and family. Like a week ago on a trip to the lake 🙂






















I was wearing:
skirt – Primark
sweater – Shana
t-shirt – Primark
shoes – New Yorker
denim jacket – Shana
earrings – Primark