The Importance of Going Offline

Although the title of this blog sounds like he newest self-help book, I decided not to talk only about fashion today. Fashion is great and fun and inspiring, but our lives are so much more. And since the arrival of social networks our lives have changed drastically. As a blogger and journalist I practically started to live through social networks, because they’re essential and help me with everything – when I’m not looking for someone or doing research for a story, then I’m uploading something on my blog or procrastinating by looking what everyone else has been up to.

It can all be fun and informative and internet definitely makes our world bigger and smaller at the same time. Blogging as such would not exist without it and I am truly grateful for all the opportunities it keeps bringing. But the truth is, it’s really easy to get lost and forget about the real world outside of technologies if you’re not careful. You know those things – sitting at a restaurant, not talking to each other or just absently nodding because you’re busy checking something on Facebook or taking photos of your meal. Or sitting at home with friends for a cosy night in and taking photos and uploading them to Instagram instead of just being together. It would seem like being together and in the moment somehow lost its value to so many people and that we’re sometimes value the pictures of our good times more than enjoying the good times when they’re happening.

Yesterday I was out for drinks with my good friends from uni and before I arrived, I thought to myself: „I should snap a photo of us and post it to stories at least, so that I remember.“ You know what? It was all bulshit. Once I got there, I forgot all about Facebook and Instagram and all I cared about were the people. My people. And their real-life stories. No 120-sign statuses, no pretences, no filters, just us. Peter and I squabble about it pretty often when we lie at the sofa at night, watching TV and enjoying a cosy evening, because I tend to pick up my phone from time to time to check something. Sometimes it has to do with work, but most of the time, not. He’s angry about it and tells me that I look like a weirdo looking into the phone instead of at the movie or talking to him, and he’s right. I’ve become a little addict and it’s not good at all. Even bloggers and media people need to go offline from time to time. For our own sanity and to show the people that are closest to us that we actually still do care about them, in person.

The pressure of getting more followers, having the best photos shot at the best locations, attracting the best collaborations or job offers and generally being „perfect“ all the time is HUGE, and I believe it’s not just the problem of us bloggers. I’m sure it’s the same in schools, even in some workplaces maybe. But those of us who like what we do and want to share it with others have it the worst – there will always be someone prettier, more successful, smarter, better. The key is, I feel, to stay true to yourself, don’t try to change and be like someone else. Just be you, be honest, humble, down-to-earth. Like yourself and then others will like you, too. And most importantly, appreciate all the good things in life, the good people, beautiful moments, your home. Because the number of followers in the end is just that, a number.

Have a lovely weekend my friends!

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