The Great Great Gatsby

Whenever a movie based on a novel comes to cinemas, most of us have certain reservations. Many times the story is compromised, shortened, remade to the form where you can only see a slight inspiration from the original book in the film plot. However, when the filmmakers finally get it right,  I can´t contain my joy. Well, it has been simmilar with the new Gatsby.
The expectations were more than high. After I first saw a trailer for the movie with Leonardo and Carey, I couldn´t wait to see it! I knew the story and I was very curious how Buz Luhrman would manage to remake it. And he didn´t let me down. Of course I couldn´t wait to see the costumes created by Miuccia Prada, but it was so much more than the beauty of the 20´s fashion with a modern twist. The colors, the pictures, the scenes, houses, places and Luhrman´s visions of the booming New York in the 20´s. It was quite ovewhelming in the beginning and I had a hard time focusing on the plot with so many wonderful things going on. But then the actors secured my attention for the whole 140 mins.
Luhrman made the best choice choosing fantastic Leo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan for the main roles. I loved Toby McGuire, too. The actors were absolutely perfect for the roles of the people representing the glossy jazz era in New York. Their hopes, dreams, fears, anger, understanding and confusion were so visible on their faces and in all their gestures. They fit perfectly into the glamorous enviroment, but didn´t get lost in the light and colors of the parties and castles. 
Great Gatsby was just what I needed to see this week in between studying for my last 3 exams. I relaxed, thought about more interesting things than media theory and management and spent beautiful few hours with my boyfriend. If you haven´t seen it yet, I recomend going to the cinema soon 😉 Let me know if you liked the new Gatsby then!

Prada Great Gatsby costumes in New York