The Blond Zebras Goes to London: Selfie

Selfie – a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website:
‚occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary‘ (Oxford Dictionary)
In a short period of time people all over the world started to recognize selfies as the new „it“ trend. I think even my grandma know what it is. And even though I really tried to ignore the growing „trend“ for a long time, I have to admit sometimes the circumstances make you accept it even against your will. The thing is, I think we’ve been taking our selfies for years – every time there wasn’t anybody else to take a picture of us – they just got a name now! However, I still don’t think it’s neccesary to take selfies absolutely every time and everywhere. When I was in London with F&F, some girls from our group took selfies literally every 5 minutes. Oh, we’ve landed – let’s take a selfie! We’ve got our luggage – let’s take a selfie! I’m in my room – let’s take a selfie! I’m eating a breakfast – let’s take a selfie! Under the heavy pressure I felt obliged to take a selfie before the F&F fashion show, too. I have to admit I felt a little stupid, since we later took regular pictures for the blog outside. But when I saw people taking selfies even DURING the show when everybody else was watching the collection (or pretty models), I didn’t feel that bad anymore…
And here I come back to the practical sides of the selfie. When you find yourself alone in a beautiful place, you want to capture the moment, right? Or when you want to take a picture of yourself and a friend/boyfriend/anybody and no one else is around… Most of the time when you DON’T take a selfie, you end up coming home with tons of pictures of strangers in the streets but don’t have any physical memories of yourself being there. So this time when I stayed in London for the weekend, I gave selfies a try. The result is funny and you can rarely see where I actually took the photo, but I KNOW. An that’s all that matters for me 😀 
Do you like selfies? Where do you usually take them?

With my beautiful friend Nika
Well, you HAVE to take a picture at the giant M&M store, right?

With Nika before the F&F fashion show… obligatory picture in the elevator 😀

This is a selfie with me and Ben (Big Ben) 🙂

At the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park

At the square by St. Paul’s Cathedral

In front of Liberty dept. store

At Portobello Rd.