The Blond Zebras Goes To London: First Times

In many ways, London is about first times for me. It was not my first time in the city itself this time, but there are still so many things and places to discover that it feels new every time I visit. I love the energy of the UK capital, I love its multi-culti atmosphere, colorful streets and busy people (who are willing to help you with anything you ask nevertheless), ads for amazing new musicals every time I come (this time it was Thriller, Queen musical, Dirty Dancing, The book of Mormon and many many more).

Last weeked I:

– stayed in the city by myself for the first time
– saw the Spring in full bloom in England for the first time!
– travelled through Heathrow (and with the tube to the terminal) for the first time
– saw the Queen’s guard parade on the Mall!
– met a 24-year-old girl with the feet size 33 (yes, that tiny!) 🙂
– found the perfect Converse trainers for that girl (hello, Nika)
– I’ve seen a monthly London pug meeting in the Green Park – incredible thing, more on that later
– visited Sommeset House for the first time
– cruised the Thames at night and saw the river police for the first time (not to arrest us or anything 😛 )
– saw gigantic hangers attached to a building at Carnaby Street
– saw dozens of lightbulbs hanging over the street
– saw a boys college Acapella perform live on the street
– saw 60-year olds riding 2m high unicycles
– saw a lady reading a tale from an actual book to a boy in the underground (which was rather special considering everybody else is mostly reading something on tablets and e-readers – to themselves)
– saw artificial grass lanes being put down all over the giant park (for better understanding – in Slovakia, they just mown the lawns from time to time and it’s a big deal 🙂 )
– managed to take a photo with swans on the lake making a heart shape with their necks :))

You see – you can be somewhere many times and there’s still so much to see… It’s not all about shopping (although that is always great, too). Hope you enjoy my first video on the blog! Let me know what you think!

Londyn from Mirka Germanova on Vimeo.