The Best Of: New York FW Street Style

If I can´t be in The Big Apple right now, at least I can feel the stylish snowy atmosphere from these photos. We have a lot of snow in Bratislava as well, and it is a city (kind of), but it´s nothing compared to New York. AND there is no fashion week here… At least no worth comparing 🙂 So, if you haven´t had time to browse through some pics of street style from the first fashion week of the season, here you go!

Yellow NY chick 🙂 Pekné newyorské kurčiatko 🙂

Chiara awaits the spring in colors.
Chiara očakáva jar vo farbách.

Čižmy a čiapka vs. sandále a sako – aj to je február v New Yorku.

Kto mi ešte raz bude kritizovať moje oversized kabáty, ukážem im toto! 😉
From the past…
Z minulosti…

…to the future
…do budúcnosti

Orange isn´t for the roadworkers only 🙂
Perfect black&white

Love the red details:)

To by nebola Miroslava Duma keby si kabát neozvláštnila bielou puffy vecičkou 🙂
It is so Duma to accessorize a coat with an unidentifiable white puffy thing 🙂

The power is in the blue!

Macko Pu s ružovou kabelkou:) Aké milé!

Red lips and red bag – just right.

Bow ties are back – for girls.

I would hug her too in such a great coat 🙂
 You´re right – hold on to your bag. The city is full of beasts (read further)

Striped and armed Miroslava Duma. Pásikavá a vyzbrojená Miroslava Duma.

Isn´t this coat to die for?? 
Nie je tento kabát „to die for“?
A bit (more) of neon
Na krikľavú nôtu

A pin-up chic

This you can meet only in NY
Tak toto stretnete iba v NY 🙂 Nie je to trochu strašidelné?
Kamo, kde mám káro?

Guys will say the coat looks like a carpet. You have to admit it works, though 😉
Chlapci povedia že je to ako koberec. Ale musíte uznať, že podarený 😉

Kamo, kde mám káro 2

An aztec cat in New York
Aztécka šelma v New Yorku

Now this I really understand 🙂
Tak tomuto teda rozumiem a plne schvaľujem 🙂

See-through bag and she missed the missed call anyway?
Priesvitná taška (btw, Marc by Marc Jacobs) a aj tak si nevšimla zmeškaný hovor?

Watch out! Beast in the city!
Pozor! Šelma v meste!

New York Fashion Forces