Taking a break in Budapest

Hi everyone! I´m sorry I haven´t been here for a few days, but I´ve been very busy. My semester starts next Monday and I´ve tried to finish all the work I could before I leave for Bratislava. However, I needed to travel to Bratislava this week anyway to sign up at school and my dorm. And since I didn´t want to stay there for a full week before school, I had to drive there with all my stuff and come back the next day. My dear Peter joined me for the ride, so we made it a road trip 🙂 I managed everything I needed in Bratislava on Tuesday, we had lunch in IKEA, strolled through its lanes picking our future rooms and spent a great evening with friends and wine.
On Wednesday it was time to go home. But not just yet, we thought. We decided to finish our holiday in the Szechenyi Spa in Budapest. We always drive past the spa on our way through Budapest but we´d never been inside. Now we finally had wnough time and we enjoyed it so much. The historical Szechenyi Spa is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe. A beautiful bath complex with numerous outdoor and indoor pools with thermal water was build in a city park in 1913. It isn´t that often that you find a wonderful great spa complex in the middle of a city, surrounded by city park, historical sites, a lake or a ZOO. We sat in an outdoor pool, surrounded by yellow facade of the buildings and watched the planes flying above our heads. Although the complex has not been renovated and you can feel and see it´s age inside, the beautiful buildings and deliciously warm water make it really worth it. And after our „pit stop“ at the pools, we headed back home in the evening.