Ice Cream in Winter

I’m an optimist in my bones. I hate winter, so I believe it will be over pretty soon. But although it hasn’t really snowed in Bratislava this winter, it doesn’t mean the temperatures agree with me. It can get pretty cold even in the city and it’s getting pretty frustrating trying to figure out what […]


La Fiesta

Whenever I traveled or stayed in my dorm full of Spanish students, I’ve always admired the „Spanish“ way of dressing. I have no idea why, but Spaniards, whether it is girls or guys, always seem to look effortlessly stylish. Effortless being the key word. Because there are so many types of stylish people in the […]


Flower Girl

I am one of those people who love everything about this time of year. The blooming trees, my favourite flowers making the world prettier everywhere I go, the sweet scents and smiling faces of people enjoying their time in the sun… Although April’s weather tends to be crazy, when the sun shines the world feels […]

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