Girls Go Shopping

This autumn everything seems to be going twice the normal speed. After a lovely easy Summer all of a sudden there was incredibly lot of work, no time to do anything and I really started enjoying having my little munchkin puppy at home, because he always gives me an excuse to take a break (we […]


Best 2015 Christmas Campaigns

I tell you this every year, I’m sure, but it’s still true: I absolutely LOVE Christmas. Just like when I was 5. Or 10. Or 25. I hate the cold outside, but I love how the cold weather is measured with warmth and love in our homes at this time of year. I decided to […]


Road Trip

Every now and then my job requires me to travel a little bit. Mostly it’s just around the country, which was also the case here, but I love it anyway. Recently most of my trips have been connected to my work for, a website about coffee, lovely cafes, restaurants or inspiring people I write […]

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