15 Affordable Dresses to Die For

As you might have noticed, I’m a little addicted to dresses. When I was a little girl, dresses were mostly worn for special occasions and I always loved an opportunity to wear them. When I went to school it was considered weird to wear a dress just like that, because you like it. It was […]


Summer Fiesta

When it comes to interior design and decorating, I’ve always been an indecisive type. I have a problem: I like too many things. I love so many styles that sometimes I can’t decide what I want to have at my home. In the ideal world, I would have at least three apartments/homes, each of them decorated […]


Valentine at Home

How are you going to spend your Valentine’s Day? I guess people everywhere divide in two groups – those who love it and those who just consider in just another marketing trick. I have always been a romantic, so I welcome every reason to spend some extra time with my boyfriend or my beloved family. […]

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