Fake Summer

The weather here in Bratislava has been completely strange in the past two weeks. We got a lot of sunshine and it was incredibly warm for November, as if the nature tried to create a second Summer or a Spring instead of Autumn. Which I personally don’t mind at all! I especially love the fact […]


The Sneakers Manual

Sneakers, trainers, running shoes and all kinds of sporty footwear has been all the range for the past few years. It has found its way from gyms to the runway, with new and retro styles popping up every season. In the eyes of fashion, however, there are some classic styles that keep us trendy and […]


Summer Essentials

What can’t you miss in your big summer beach bag? A towel, obviously, a sun cream with a good UV protection, a lot of water, a good book or a magazine, sunglasses and a hat. These are the basics that will get us all through the hot summer days safely and soundly. Last weekend was […]

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