Red Poppies

When we went home a few weeks ago, the weather didn’t look promising. As soon as we got on the road, however, it proved me wrong. The blue skies, green hills and blooming fields were a sure sign that summer is really here at last. The thermometer in our BMW confirmed my hopes when it […]


Christmas Gift Ideas – Mum

Christmas is getting closer so I prepared another gift ideas post for you 🙂 This time it’ll involve the most important people in our lives – our Mums. Since they are usually the ones who give us presents all our lives, we can only try to make them a little happy by buying something nice for […]


Lady in Pink

When I was little I used to love playing with Barbies. They were pretty popular at the time, but it wasn’t their beauty or coolness that thrilled me. I loved dressing them up. I would make new clothes for them with my Mum and spend endless hours changing their outfits. Since I grew up (a […]

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