Blue Rocket

Ok, guys, here’s the thing. I must admit that I’m a pretty spoiled person when it comes to some things. My Dad always loved technology and cars, so when he could, he always bought the best possible ones for us. He rides a perfect Mercedes which I love, but to be honest, never ride much […]


Lunch in Italy

Keď sme odchádzali z našej nedávnej mini-dovolenky v Chorvátsku, naozaj sa nám ešte nechcelo ísť domov. Na more by sme sa s drahým dokázali dívať celé dni a noci a na pobreží sme sa cítili ako doma. Tak sme sa rozhodli si cestou domov spraviť ešte jeden MINI-výlet do talianskeho Trieste/Terstu, ktorý nebol od nás […]


Wedding in Style

I’m very well aware that I might sound snobbish here. But let’s be honest for a sec. If you were going to a lovely wedding, what car would you like to take if you could choose? My boyfriend would definitely say Ferrari, but that would be a bit too show-offish, right? It is beautiful, but […]

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