New Traditions

How was your Easter holidays weekend guys? I’ve just come back to reality (and work) from mine and I think it’s time to reflect on the holidays and tell you how I’ve been 🙂 Easter in Slovakia is full of traditions. Since we’re still a strongly Catholic nation, many of them are connected with church. […]


Christmas Gift Ideas – Boys

If there is one simple truth to life, it is this: boys will always be boys. They make our lives happier and they want to have fun in return. Choosing a gift for your boyfriend/husband/brother/Dad should be fun, but it’s often quite the opposite. They are often not interested in fashion, so clothes themselves won’t […]


Christmas Gift Ideas – Sisters

My own experience tells me it’s not that easy to pick a great present for your sister. Or for my sister, at least. I am one of those girls who are convinced it’s really easy to choose gifts for any women, because: a) we don’t need much to make us happy and the thought often […]

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