Sweet Dreams

Summer is coming and with fresh air and sun shining I’m always looking for some fresh ideas as well. That’s why I decided to introduce a new weekly section of The Blond Zebras dedicated to home and living, because I love interior design and I hope you will welcome some inspiration, too. Please keep me updated either here, on Facebook or Instagram about what you’d like to see on the blog each week and enjoy!

With all due respect to the kitchen, bathroom or the livingroom, I think we can all agree that BEDROOM is the most important room in any home. However much we love cakes or a good shower, many of the most exciting things happen in bed (and yes, I meant sleeping :P). Choosing the right bed is an incredibly hard task and finding the right decor that will make you happy and relaxed at the same time can be very difficult. Especially if there are more of you sleeping in this room and you have to find a compromise to fit both of you – you love flowers but he loves cars kind of dilemma. So I decided to dedicate the first post of my new „home“ section to my most favorite place in the house – the bedroom. You can find a lot of style and decor inspiration to complement your home and your mood and please let me know which style you liked the best!