Sunny May

After an incredibly long and frustrating winter it is as though the summer has decided to put its feet down and say it´s summer´s turn now. As for me, I couldn´t be happier. WIth my exams coming and school and work getting complicated I sucked the energy from the sun as a sponge and tried to use it during the long evenings spent by the computer.
Right now I´m enjoying a few days at home, helping my sister with moving into the new flat and spending time with my incredibly cute little nephew. He is learning new words and I am studying for an exam in the meantime. But the best part of it all – I get to spend some time with my lovely boyfriend, eating ice cream, chatting and kissing under the cherry tree. I love this part of year, even though it´s always marked by annoying exams period. What are you up to these days?:) Are you enjoying the first sunny summer days?

I was wearing:
shorts – H&M
peplum top – Primark
necklace – Primark
earrings – Six
shoes – Primark