Sunflower field

What do you love the most about summer? Bright mornings, mild evenings on a porch, long walks, sweet ice cream and cold drinks, the incredible colors of sunset on the horizon, short skirts and bare legs and the fact that cars finally stop for you at the crosswalk, extra time that we’re saving when dressing, because there’s suddenly only one layer of clothes (not counting the underwear, which some people don’t bother with anyway – see Rihanna), the fact that you don’t have to take out the hairdryer when you wash your hair because you can let them dry naturally without the fear of catching the flu or the never-ending spectacular fields or wheat, corn and sunflowers spreading out in every direction?

 I’m not sure where you come from, my dear readers, and if you’re the lucky ones that don’t have that many fields but look out to the never-ending ocean instead, good for you! You can check out the beautiful Slovak sunflower fields right here on The Blond Zebras. For those of you, who live nearby, this might seem very familiar, on the other hand. So, one way or another, enjoy your summer days as much as you can, find a lovely cool drink and get as much sun and love as you can!

I was wearing:
dress – local Chinese shop 🙂
sandals – from a (wonderful) friend
bracelet – H&M
headband – Gate
earrings – Six