Style, colours, union flag and freedom – London trip 2012

I´ve been trying to persuade my mum to visit London for years. Until I´ve had it with her and booked the flying tickets last spring myself for my parents and myself (because I couldn´t possibly let them go alone, clould I? 🙂 ). I love every bit of the British capital, the fast underground, names of the places, wonderful snacks, markets, shops, friendly people, style in the streets and the freedom that I don´t feel at home.
We started our trip very typically – with the first drink on Budapest airport 🙂 Since then it was fun all the way. We enjoyed the city throughout the Paralympics 2012 which was amazing – tons of people everywhere, union flags litterally everywhere you looked, big screens and events all around London. It was a wonderful experience. And so was my first FNO (Vogue´s Fashion´s Night Out) 🙂 Shops all around the city centre were open late, there were parties, champagne, gifts and models all around the place. It ws cool and fun, watching dancers in front of GAP on Oxford Street or models on a red Vespa by the House of Fraser.
One thing I love about London is that nobody is looking wierdly at you whether you wear jeans or pajamas with snow boots in the middle of summer. Noone is wierd or crazy, everybody is just themselves. I love watching stylish men and women (every age and size) walking down the street from a window seat at a cafe or in the park. And I love that you can do and find anything in London – from stylish walking sticks to unusual food to vintage anything (my favourite). Fashion-wise, I also love that I don´t feel out of place there. My style is totally normal in London, whereas at home rarely anybody „gets me“. It felt nice to see that I´m not that wierd after all 🙂
I have plenty of beautiful pictures from my trip, so I will show them to you in more posts 😉 Are you curious about what my wardrobe is getting from my London trip? Don´t worry, I´ll show you shortly 🙂











Fashion´s Night Out London 2012



LV windows at Selfridges