Spring Basics

For the past two weeks the weather has been more than perfect. We’ve gone straight from depressive Winter into the most amazing Spring in no time, and I’m definitely not complaining. But let me tell you, Winter is not an easy season for a fashion blogger. It was a struggle taking any photos in the bad weather, but what I find most difficult every year is the dark. It gets dark too soon outside and since I always need a second person too take the photos with me, it’s not easy to make it before evening. Plus, I always have a lot of work during the day, so I often can’t get to shooting till late afternoon anyway.

One of those ugly chilly days I came up with a new idea, out of sheer desperation and lack of time. I needed to take some photos ASAP and change into a several different outfits quickly, so I asked my friend Majka to meet me in Central shopping center in Bratislava. We went to a store and found a quiet corner in the dressing rooms… And voilá! Outfits and photos – done. Forgive me the uninspired surroundings, I’ll show you a lot of much prettier outside photos soon. I can’t wait to go shoot some nice spring looks by the blooming cherries and magnolias!

This year I’ve been obsessed with basic, but not-entirely-boring shirts. Simple white or blue and white striped material, but with interesting twist – embroidery or ruffles, or both. I found this beautiful piece in Stradivarius and although I love dresses and skirts, I felt this one needed to shine, so I paired it with simple jeans. I added my new favourite Stradivarius embroidered bag and comfy suede sandals by Ellie Goulding for Deichmann. Because you know, basics don’t have to be boring 🙂

I was wearing:

jeans, shirt, bag – Stradivarius

shoes – Deichmann