Something new

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. That’s not exactly what I need right now since the wedding isn’t in my diary yet, but something new never fails to make me happy 🙂 In these long days full of avoiding writing the thesis and going to school for very brief and unnecessary lessons I found myself wandering though the shops looking for sale bargains that would lift my spirits. And I was, useless to say, successful (again). I don’t know how I do it, but I always find something absolutely essential in the sales 😀 Does that happen to you? When you see something and you think: „Oh, that is JUST what I need! Isn’t it great that it only cost a half of the original price?“ It is called justifying the expense, I believe 🙂 Never mind, that’s how I found this lovely white ZARA dress with burgundy embroidered flowers, the cute navy blue knitted skirt perfect for winter school days and a couple of cropped tops that I’d avoided for a long time but decided that it’s time for me to find something to motivate me (to keep my tummy flat, of course). I’m not sure this motivation will be enough, though 🙂
This is not one of those life-changing posts, but I hope it might be an inspiration for you to find something unique for your spring wardrobe for an affordable price, too 🙂 Because fashion doesn’t have to be luxurious and expensive at all. It’s all about the style. Good luck!

A white embroidered dress from ZARA – I’ve been looking for a pretty dress with a low waist for a long time and then I stumbled upon this number in ZARA sales. I think we’re going to be a perfect pair 🙂

I’ve avoided cropped tops for a long time for a simple reason – like 99% of women, I don’t think my middle parts are fit enough to show them off unnecessarily. Cropped tops are perfect for models, but not really a great choice for „normal“ women. However, I found a way to wear them. I love how they go together with high-waisted skirts and shorts, when only a few centimeters of your midriff is on the show. The rest stays safely covered, which is just how I like it 🙂
The black embroidered top is from Stradivarius.
This striped piece is from ZARA.

A knitted skirt from Gate.
Lovely accessories are my weakness – I can’t resist a beautiful pair of earrings when I see them in the sale. It’s like seeing the cutest puppy run to you and looking the other way on purpose. Impossible.