Shopping trip to Primark, Vienna

Last few weeks have been very busy and exhausting. I spent a week at the beginning of October travelling in Eastern Slovakia, working on a story with a great Canadian reporter, then spent a couple of very short days at home and came back to Bratislava. Here I had a very eventful week with three nights of fashion shows during Bratislava Fashion Days and then a wonderful concert of a Czech diva Lucie Bila on Saturday. It was all work, but also fun, so I´m not complaining, but I was pretty exhausted after all that. However, I wanted to make the most of my weekend here, so I got a completely spur-of-the-moment idea – I wanted to go shopping to Primark near Vienna on Saturday. The only problem was, I had no car and noone to take me. Luckily, my friend Kristina shared my passion and rented a car for us, so I drove to Vienna for the first time.

Primark was great, as always, full of beautiful things that I could afford, which is my favourite part of shopping. And as always, I couldn´t control myself and spent more than I originally planned, but it was worth it. I bought 3 pairs of boots (for every kind of weather and outfit, of course), couple of blouses, a dress (which turned out to be alsolutely practical, comfy and pretty), a fantastic orange heels that are going to be my companion for some of the fashion shows or events this season and a looot of accessories.

And when we were all done with shopping, there was the funniest part of day waiting for us in the G3 shopping centre. It celebrated its 1st birthday and David Hasselhoff was their big guest star! I don´t admire him in any special way, but it was so funny and cool to see him live, in his red Baywatch jacket, with Kit (the car) parked right in front of him 🙂 You really never know who you might meet when you go shopping…

So here are some of the things that came home with me from Primark last weekend:

I was wearing:
knitted sweater dress – Koton
jacket – Primark
boots – F&F
brooch – DIY (my design)
bag – H&M