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Road Trip

Every now and then my job requires me to travel a little bit. Mostly it’s just around the country, which was also the case here, but I love it anyway. Recently most of my trips have been connected to my work for Kavickari.sk, a website about coffee, lovely cafes, restaurants or inspiring people I write for. This time the photographer and I set out on a road trip around whole Slovakia, from Bratislava to the East and back with my lovely „old“ Mercedes 🙂

The worst part of traveling for work reasons is that you very rarely have time to actually enjoy the places you visit. However, since we write about cool places anyway, they are usually our reward. When you find places like La Reunion coworking&cafe or Betonka in Trnava, even getting up too early in the morning seems more bearable 🙂 I felt completely relaxed in La Reunion in particular, partly thanks to the fun design and partly because it’s a coworking centre for freelancers just like me (the idea of getting a place to work in one of these is still with me, I’ll see how it turns out).

The part that I love the most about traveling through Slovakia is getting to see everything – the cities, the mountains, the woods, lakes and rivers… The only thing we really miss is the sea. Driving by the High Tatras is one of the best things in the world, although it’s much better if you have time to stop and spend some time in the mountains as well. Getting to our final destination of the day was a real treat, though. We didn’t end up in the mountains, rather in the city. Vila Terrasse is sitting on a small hill overlooking Kosice, the second biggest city in Slovakia, and it’s the most charming hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Actually, it’s more of a family B&B, designed like a vintage French villa. I fell in love with the house, with all the cute and surprising stuff in every corner (like tin soldiers on the shelfs in the bathroom or a horse’s head in the middle of the staircase) and with the owners themselves. We spent the evening drinking red wine and talking about culture, wine, food, even politics. I really felt like a part of the „intelligentsia“ for a moment 😀

On the way home we stopped in Presov to check out the new ranch, restaurant and hotel Zwicker. When we found it, sitting happily in the middle of an industrial zone, I was completely overwhelmed. It’s one of the most stylish places I’ve seen in Eastern Slovakia, the food is delicious and modern and the whole place has a wonderfully peaceful vibe. There are horses, flowers, birds, vintage furniture, retro floors… How can you not love it?

Even though I didn’t have my boyfriend or family by my side, I have to admit, even traveling for work reasons can be fun. Especially if you get to see such cool places. When you happen to be in Slovakia, I can recommend them all!




















Photos by Ondrej Bobek

I was wearing:

plaid pants – F&F

navy blue shirt dress – Primark

bag – Primark

burgundy boots – Primark

oxford shoes – Gate

yellow trench – Diesel

black-and-white skirt – Primark

yellow T-shirt – Primark

black blazer – F&F