Pink Monday

Sometimes a day feels like it lasted for (at least) four days. Today I had the exact same feeling. I felt it has dragged on forever. It wasn´t that bad, though. The sun was shining, it was finally warm again and who knows how long it will last? We have to enjoy the lovely weather while it´s here:) I was at school today, but had a chance to enjoy a nice walk in the city with Zuzka, too. She wore a chic neon yellow dress and I chose autumn pastels for today. It was warm and sunny and I decided it wasn´t time for dark and cloudy colours just yet. There will be a plenty of time for greys, browns and purples later (I don´t mention black on purpose, you know I´m not a „black“ person). So what did you do today and what did you choose to wear in this weather?

I was wearing:
skirt – Primark
blouse – my design
jacket – H&M
boots – Primark
hair pins, earrings – Primark
glasses – Benetton