Our Park

There are places in the world that are more special than others. Some of them are close, other further away, but every time you visit them, something inside you moves. They look different, smell different, they may or may not be more beautiful then others, but most importantly, they make you feel different. They make your heart grow bigger, your eyes shine a little more.

A town park in my childhood hometown is one of those for me. It’s an English park built in a natural forrest behind a beautiful historical chateau and two churches. The chateau was built as a holiday home for wealthy and important noble Andrassy family and some of the family members are buried in a mausoleum inside the Trebisov park. I’ve always taken it for granted, until my world started getting bigger and I realised that parks like this are not a given in any city in the world. But I always loved it, ever since I was a little girl.

When I was a kid, we used to walk here with my parents and run around the playground with my sister. Today the playground is gone and there’s only a big meadow in its place. In winter, we always came to slide down the little hill with my friends, sometimes even trying our luck on a frozen pond by the mausoleum. In summer, people took out the boats and cruised is under the big green trees. In Spring we came to pick up violets with my mum and I used to hate the smell of wild garlic. Since I started living in the big city and realised how healthy and rare it is, I appreciate it a little more 🙂

When I was young, I went to an art class. We would often walk up the street to the museum and walk on the fountain or the steps, looking out to the park. We tried to capture all the beauty, never quite succeeding, but loving every second of it.

When we started dating with Peter, which was unbelievably whole 12 years ago, it was autumn and finding places for our lovely walks and talks in a little town wasn’t always easy. That’s when I came to appreciate our park even more. We used to spend hours walking around, discovering all the secret paths and corners, sitting on broken benches, sharing secrets, hugs and kisses like two silly teenagers do. We couldn’t spend time at home, we were 16 and 17 after all and our parents were always there. So we spent all our time outdoors. It was a magical time, although I have to admit, we were always freezing 😀 Whenever we come back to the park, so many beautiful memories creep up upon me on every corner… I still love walking through it hand in hand with my boy who’s become a man in the meantime.

My sister had a baby 6 years ago and I became a godmother. I got a third favourite man into my life (after my Peter and Dad) and Trebisov park became my favourite place to go with him, too. We took Sebastian there for walks in his buggy, then let him run free when he started walking. We were catching fake fish by the pond, walking for hours under the colorful trees, walking our dog… And he gave me new precious memories, the best gift in life.

What are your special places? Are they close or far away?



I was wearing:

trenchcoat – second hand

dress – Orsay

boots – Deichmann