New Traditions

How was your Easter holidays weekend guys? I’ve just come back to reality (and work) from mine and I think it’s time to reflect on the holidays and tell you how I’ve been 🙂 Easter in Slovakia is full of traditions. Since we’re still a strongly Catholic nation, many of them are connected with church. So I went to church on Friday and Sunday, although I admit I skipped the Saturday (it’s the longest service of the year!). The weather wasn’t great, but on Sunday it finally started to look better and I finally felt hope that the Winter will be eventually replaced by a nice balmy Spring.

On Easter we usually do three things in Slovakia: go to church, eat (after the lent is over) and act like children on Monday. The biggest tradition of our Easter is totally senseless, you see. On Monday, all the boys and men are supposed to visit women/girls in their family, their friends and neighbours and either: a) throw some water over them (alternatives are take the girl into the shower or a bathtub, some guys get creative) b) hit the girls (it’s supposed to be done playfully) with a woven wooden stick called korbac or c) get as much nasty perfume on the girls as you can. Some boys enjoy it more than they should and they even do all of the above. The trick is, we (girls) are supposed to REWARD them for their efforts. AS IF.

The incentive is that boys throw a bucket of water on the girls or playfully beat them or annoy them for the girls to be HEALTHY and HAPPY. I have to admit, they even fooled me when I was little, since it was considered cool when a lot of boys came to see you on Easter Monday. However, nobody is fooling me today. I sincerely consider these traditions to be extremely unfair, discriminative and abusive to us, women. Why on earth has anybody thought of them? Boys annoy the girls to show their „affection“ and we’re even supposed to like it and award them for it! Ok, so it’s not as big of a deal as it looks to the outsider, but let’s face it, the whole idea is ridiculous.

So. When we came home to our flat yesterday, Peter wanted to be funny (and nice, in his own words) and for the first time in 10 years threw a little bit of water over me. To keep in line with traditions. He knows I hate it, so he knew he was in for trouble as soon as he’s done it. I decided to fight back – if this is a tradition, I’ll upgrade it a notch and make it our own, I thought. So I took the little cup and attacked him back. He was upset for a while, didn’t understand where I was coming from, but I think I stopped him from doing it again next year 😀 Let’s hope so.










I was wearing:

jeggings – Bepon

coat – ZARA

shoes – Primark

blouse – Primark

necklace – Stradivarius