Neon Princess

My darlings, I’m always honest with you and it’s not going to be different this time. This post is (obviously) going to revolve around my new neon yellow skirt (yes, you could see it from afar, I know). I’ve seen a skirt like this a while back on some street style pictures and I’ve dreamt about it ever since. It was so cool, extraordinary, beautiful and big and you know how I love big skirts. So when I found it on the Internet, I didn’t take me long to put it in my „shopping cart“. It stayed in my wardrobe for a couple of weeks, until I finally found an occasion to wear it. It wasn’t such a great event, I admit, but I can’t be choosy on a holiday at home. So I took it to church. When I left the house, my biggest worry was that everybody would stare at it because of its size and popping color. Well, not quite. It turned out that people’s stares were my smallest problem. Since I don’t wear neon clothes very often I didn’t realize that the neon yellow color is so attractive to flies. Yep. So imagine me standing by the church, literally covered in small black flies. Very interesting experience, trust me. And there was me feeling like Alice in Wonderland when I dressed up at home 🙂 It turned out I was more of a Princess of Flies in real life. So my advice to you, my friends: If you can, try to avoid fluorescent/neon clothes in summer or at least try to only wear them indoors 🙂

I was wearing:
skirt –
top – New Yorker
shoes – Tally Weijl
glasses – Gate
assortment of bracelets
necklace – H&M