My Summer Essentials

Great news guys! Summer is finally here! Although it’s coming slowly and steadily this year, it’s good to be prepared for everything, so I’m already getting together my favourite Summer essentials that make my sunny days better, easier and happier. Here they are:

Skvelé správy priatelia! Leto je konečne tu! A hoci tento rok prichádza pomerne pomaly a rozvážne, na dôležité veci je dobré sa poriadne pripraviť, takže si už aj ja pomaly skladám všetky nevyhnutnosti, ktoré urobia moje leto pohodlnejším, lepším a veselším. Tu sú:

  1. Hair care

Summer sun is brilliant, but it can also be pretty tough on our hair. Strong sunshine, salty water or pools full of chlorine are not the best for any type of hair, so every summer I try to find special products that will take care of mine. This year I’ve found the Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur shampoo and spray to keep my hair moisturised, healthy and shiny all summer long.



My hair styling in summer is usually a very careless thing. However, when my hair is weaker from swimming or dry from the sun, I like to add some texture and shine to it with there little helpers – OSIS + Big Blast gives me some much-needed volume, while Got2b Made 4 Mess makes exactly the kind of mess that I like 🙂


When you can’t help the summer sun and water damaging your hair even with all the extra effort, here’s what I do – I take out my „first aid kit“ by Syoss with the ceramide-keratine complex that helps keep my hair from breaking.

2. Body care

The two things you need to take into consideration in Summer are: Sun and water. Sun is amazing and I love getting a lovely golden tan every holiday, but it can also be quite dangerous for our skin. Besides using strong UV factor creams and sprays, I always have some Panthenol products at hand. They can be extremely helpful when I overdo it with sun (which I pretty often do). They are perfectly soft, nice and cooling and my skin loves them.


PicMonkey CollWater, however, that’s a completely different story. I don’t know about you, but swimming pools sometimes aren’t exactly friendly to my skin and chlorine, as well as crowed pools, can do quite a lot of damage sometimes. Lactacyd, however, came up with so many helpful products that I’m not so afraid to go swimming anywhere this year.


3. The Hat

Hat is a must-have every summer, we all know that. My go-to style this summer will be this wide-brimmed straw piece, reminding me of old times and romantic movies.

Hat: F&F


4. The Skirt

Skirt is a definitely essential thing in summer. As soon as the temperature goes over 20 degrees, you will only see me in dresses and skirts all day. I wear them everywhere – work, shopping, walks, beach, travelling… My favourite this year is a midi skirt, which is amazingly elegant, effective and comfy.

PicMonkey Collage

5. Comfy and Pretty sandals

In summer I don’t go anywhere without the COMFORTABLE SANDALS. They are flat, soft, nice and go with everything. My other essential, however, are the PRETTY SANDALS, which simply make me happy. You know the feeling, right? 🙂

PicMonkey Colla

6. Colourful lipstick

Wonderful lipstick is a very important part of any women’s wardrobe for a very simple reason. It can elevate even the simplest outfit and instantly makes you feel prettier. My favourite shades right now are called the Red Sunset, Flamingo Ęlegance or Mrs. Brightside 🙂