Love is in the air

I don´t know if you feel the same, but I´m always more in love in summer than in the cold months. I can feel the love in the warm breeze, in the long evenings and early mornings, I can smell it in the blooming gardens, even in the pool 🙂 I love summer and I get more love in return. That´s probably one of the reasons why so many people choose summer months for their wedding as well. Yesterday we were invited to my boyfriend´s cousin´s wedding in Košice. It was extremely hot, but the celebration was wonderful. And so was the bride, of course:) I have to admit it was the first time in my life that I came home so early in the morning, when the sun was already up 😀 Better late than never, right?

Another Mirka, the prettier one 🙂
My friends Mirka and Jano (Peter´s sister and her boyfriend)