Little Miss Sunshine

The older I get, the more I’m convinced of an incredible power of a color therapy. I’m sure it doesn’t help to cure serious illnesses, of course, but effect of colors on our mental health is indisputable. When your dentist wants you to feel calm and relaxed, he puts up a green wall in his waiting room, but the bare white walls in the hospital can make you even more afraid and stresses, on the other hand. I’ve always hated to wear black, because it associates with sad things for me (funerals). So whenever I wear black, and it can be the most beautiful piece and I might be going to a great concert or dinner, nothing matters because I feel depressed in it anyway. So whenever I can, I take out bright colours that light up my day.

I’m very in love with yellow, which gives me spades of energy whenever I wear it. It’s probably the happiest colour of all and you just can’t not smile when you’re wearing a yellow dress, right? Not to mention when you go to shoot the outfit in the sunflower field, that’s just an extra dose of happiness right there!

I found this lovely yellow skirt in sales in Lindex and it instantly became one of my favourite summer pieces. The other thing – a yellow gingham madeira top with cheerful ruffles is also a sales bargain, this one from Stradivarius, and as soon as I saw it I knew it would brighten up my day every time I’d wear it. And it does.

If you’re spending your summer in grey, black and brown clothes, take a little bit of inspiration here – let yourself be happy and enjoy life a little bit more in a colorful outfit. Take out that lovely sundress or a big skirt and twirl, just for the sake of it. Wear something pretty to work that will brighten up your mood every time you glimpse your reflexion in a mirror, even the most gloomy day will seem so much better for it 🙂

Big thank you for these photos goes to my colorful soulmate Lenka –, who knows just how important the colours really are! <3