Like a tourist

I don´t know if I´m getting affected by travel writing that I´m doing at the moment or the excruciatingly long winter that has just started to turn into beautiful spring, but as soon as the sun comes out in Bratislava, I start to feel like a tourist here. I´ve lived here on-and-off for four years now and whenever the sun sparkles on the Danube river and the cobblestones in the old town are warm and inviting, I feel like I´m on holiday. Even when I´m incredibly busy working or studying and have no time for holiday activities. 
I walk through the streets of our capital as though they are my catwalk. I´m more confident, happy and imagine that all the people can see it, too. Sometimes I get a weird stare from passers-by for my enthusiastic spring outfits, but I don´t mind at all. I feel like singing all the time and when I saw a guy dancing on this roller-blades in the centre of the city the other day, I possitively envied him his courage and the fact that he enjoyed what he was doing without having a care in the world. I thought: „That´s a way to live!“ and when I went running yesterday, I danced a little, too 🙂 Sometimes it really doesn´t matter whether other people think you are crazy, when you´re happy with yourself. And when I live in London or New York one day, it won´t matter anyway. I can´t wait to live in a place where you are freeely accepted for who you are and nobody gives a damn 🙂
I guess you can see that Spring has quite a possitive effect on me. I can´t help it. Less layers, more colors, flowers blooming, musicians in the old town playing gleefully, it all makes me feel good. What are you up to these days?
The photos were taken in a main touristic attraction in Bratislava – the castle. 

I was wearing:
blouse – Vero Moda
skirt – H&M
shoes – Primark
bag – Primark
socks – Reserved
headband – Bijoux Brigite
ring, necklace – Six