Is it Christmas AGAIN?

This is really weird guys. It feels like Christmas is coming in the middle of February. The snow hasn´t stopped falling for the past two days and it looks like I´m on a skiing holiday in Bratislava. I´m going home tomorrow and the last time I did as much shopping as today was before Christmas. So what´s happening? I discovered more sales, of course. I went to buy a present for my cousin´s 18th birthday and ended up buying some presents for myself as well. Don´t you love when that happens? 🙂 So here are some winter sales treasures that I couldn´t resist to buy, it was such a bargain! Sorry about the hearts in the pictures, I´m getting into a Valentine´s mood 😉 Are you?

Neon yellow cardigan: Tally Weil
Belt: Gate
Neon yellow bag: Gate