Ice Cream in Winter

I’m an optimist in my bones. I hate winter, so I believe it will be over pretty soon. But although it hasn’t really snowed in Bratislava this winter, it doesn’t mean the temperatures agree with me. It can get pretty cold even in the city and it’s getting pretty frustrating trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but the collection of my favourite winter outfits isn’t nearly as long as my spring one, so I can’t wait for the winter to end. So last week I decided to inspire the arrival of Spring by buying an ice cream. To be clear, guys, I NEVER buy ice cream in winter, because my head always tells me it’s not a bad idea (my conscious has a voice of my Mum). It was rainy and cold outside, but I really wanted the Twister, so I bought it anyway.

It was a bad idea. I haven’t even managed to open the ice cream and my throat started to be sore. It got so bad that I ended up in bed for a couple of days. Anyway, this was one of those fun winter outfits that made me happier for the day, even though it was freezing outside. Although it may seem that the big tutu skirt may not be a traditional choice for a normal day at work or a coffee with friends, I disagree. When the weather sucks, you should be allowed to wear whatever you like best! 🙂

winter outfit

winter look



street style


I was wearing:

skirt – Choies

top – Primark

cardigan – Tally Weijl

headband – Krasa Vesmirna

boots –

tights – Bepon