Right now I would be happiest in the horizontal position on my bed, but I´m just having a break from studying. Today I wrote another exam and I have one more this week on Wednesday. I can´t wait to go home on Friday though! These pictures were taken by my boyfriend back at home and when I look at them I miss him even more… Can´t wait for the summer to start! It´s so close…
How was your weekend? I spent mine studying, writing and shopping 🙂 On Friday I wrote 2 articles, studied for an exam, wrote an essay, visited a wine exhibition (and tasted some heavenly new wine from Tokaj-yum!) and watched an ice hokey match that we lost. Saturday was much colder but much more fun. I went to the G3 Shopping center by Vienna with my friends and we were having the time of our lives spending our savings in Primark 🙂 It seems it is really impossible for anybody to leave the store with less than 2 huge bags. Even my friend who usually only buys clothes at Tommy Hilfiger or ZARA bought three bags of new clothes for summer there!
My Sunday was again spent by stuying and ice hockey in the evening (which we lost, again). So today I wrote an exam and have gone back to learning something else. When will this be over??
Do you like maxidresses? I love them, especially in the hot summer, but it´s never that easy for me to wear them. I am quite diminutive, e.i. short, so every long skirt is too long for my short legs. I´ve never found a maxi skirt that I didn´t have to shorten or wear with extra high heels. And I would be so happy to wear them with flat sandals like everyone else! Oh well…Everything isn´t perfect, as my dad says. I found this lovely striped summer dress in F&F and fell in love with it immediately. It´s extremely comfy and it fits me well (except for the lenght, of course). If you know a store with maxi skirts for short girls, let me know! 😉

I was wearing: 
dress – F&F
bag – H&M
necklace, earrings – Six
shoes – Bata
blazer – Primark