Home: Sunny Yellow

I don’t know what is it with me and yellow, but every time I see it it easily makes me smile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a yellow dress or a chair, it somehow illuminates a good energy. And since this week has been mostly awful weather-wise in Slovakia, I’m desperate for some sun and energy. That’s why I decided to make a little inspirational Home post today dedicated to the sunny color. It doesn’t always work in interiors, but when applied with care, it can definitely shine up your home in every season.

Yellow works best with neutral and simple colors – white, grey and black. It looks great on the walls, but I personally love a pop of color in the middle of the room – a yellow sofa, armchair or bedlinen on a white bed. It suits both genders, so it’s a nice way of compromise with your partner if he wants to keep his black sofa and you’d like to freshen it up. Have a nice Sunday and have fun my friends!



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