Home: Last minute Christmas Gift Guide

For some of our friends or family members it’s very easy to find a perfect gift – they either tell you what they’d like or you can just always find something perfect that will make them happy. For others though, especially if your circle of family and friends is wide and your inspiration savings are running low it’s not that easy to pick a lovely present. Those are the times when I myself go to the home accessories department and try to find something beautiful for their home instead of their hobbies or wardrobe.

It has very simple reasons – it’s much more difficult to find a book or a sweater that they’d like than finding a lovely candle that would fit into their style at home. When I’m at loss as to what to buy for my sister, I always buy her something nice to her flat and I know that she’ll love it. It must be something special, something that people don’t buy for themselves every day, because it’s either not very practical, or it’s more expensive or more extravagant and there are always more important things on their shopping list. So here are my ideas for your loved ones as well:

For Sisters/ Cousins/ Best friends 

My secret tip:

For Mum & (or) Dad

For Grandma

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