Holidays are Over, Sequins Live Forever

I hate January 6th. All my life this date has represented the end of Christmas holidays and of Christmas itself to me. And I hate when that happens. It’s so sad. You’re looking forward to these beautiful days all year and then they are suddenly over so quickly. And according to my family and to Slovak traditions, Christmas really ends on January 6th, on Three Kings day. The Christmas tree goes down, the decorations go back into the box, people go back to work, children go back to school. It’s very depressing.

Me, I have to go back to work, too. I can’t hide for much longer. No more days spent in my reindeer pyjamas, no more sleep-ins, no more late nights out with friends in the middle of the week. However, life can’t be this glum so soon in the new year, right? New year is a promise of new beginnings, fresh adventures and exciting moments. So I decided to focus on the good parts of my work instead. I don’t have the worst job in the world after all. Being a journalist has its perks sometimes.

So this week I decided to prolong my „bling-bling“ period by a few extra days. The ball season in Slovakia is starting this weekend with the annual Opera Ball and I’m going to report from it for the 4th time this year. Although I’m not as excited as I was the first time (I know what to expect now and there will be no dancing, that’s for sure) I am still happy to dress up and play a little Cinderella for the night. Even if it is just for myself. Etiquette at these events is unforgiving, so I have a perfect excuse to play up my childhood princess fantasies for a little bit. I don’t have a new dress this year (still waiting for my Elie Saab gown to be delivered, though), so I decided to upgrade an older one.

I went to shops and found my perfect piece in H&M. You can always count on H&M to have something beautiful and totally impractical for normal life. And that’s exactly what I needed now. So I got a lovely embellished crop top in nude colours that will go perfectly with my baby pink dress. And when I was at it, I also bought some pretty necklaces (they always come in handy, right?) and the silver loafers from F&F, which will probably become one of my favourite wardrobe additions for this spring.

If you had to go back to work or school this week as well, don’t worry. Surround yourself with something nice, warm and pretty and spend as much time as you can with your favourite people and you’ll feel like Christmas never really ended 🙂

Crop top – H&M
shoes – F&F
gemstone necklace – Tally Weijl
gold bird necklace – Primark